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Lambert Group - Film Noir

The Lambert Group decided to get a little bit creative in the office while preparing for a movie night! We may not be actors, but we sure had fun trying to be for a day!

One of our favourite things to do is host client appreciation events. We love bringing our clients together for fun activities and events to show them our appreciation for their business and referrals. We see our team as a family and our clients are all apart of The Lambert Group family!

Unfortunately, because of Covid-19, we are unable to host all of our fun events that we normally have the opportunity to host each year. We decided to get a little bit creative and start to host smaller events with just a few families each time. Unfortunately it means not being able to get all of our clients out at once but we hope to work throughout the year to get all of our clients out at some point!

To start things off, we hosted a movie night for a few families! We set up a projector in our backyard and had the families bring their comfy clothes and blankets and safely (from a distance) watch a movie outdoors! We had to go one step further of course and start off with a promotional video so decided to film our own Film Noir!

Detective Lambert made its debut! Take a peak below at the video itself!

We are by no means actors but we did our best! Big shout out to Solution K Media for filming and doing such a great job editing!

Stay tuned for more events and hopefully videos in the future! Stay Healthy!

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