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How high can home prices go!!!

Can house prices keep climbing at its current pace ?

We are seeing in some areas of Kitchener-Waterloo, close to 50% of homes being bought by out of town buyers coming from the GTA and Hamilton areas.

It’s such a sellers market. Breaking records every week. Low interest rates and an influx of buyers is causing a buying frenzy.

It’s a tough market for buyers, sometimes having to submit 4 or 5 or more offers before getting an offer accepted by the seller.

We have a few tips and tricks that help our buyers get their offer accepted:

This video shows how one couple got their offer accepted and may not have even have the highest bidding price!

There are a lot of buyers who were looking for a home before Covid that didn’t get one, and now along with out of town buyers, everyone has started looking again. So many people that needed to move due to lack of space in their home are even more desperate to move as they now have the kids at home confined to this smaller space. We have clients who both are now working from home and they need a designated office space.

Let me know if you have a topic you would like me to discuss in our next video 😊

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