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3 Things to Think About When Selling a House in the Fall

With the Fall weather right around the corner, here are 3 tips to think about when decorating/staging in the fall.

  1. Emphasize Coziness There’s nothing more appealing on a crisp Fall day than to seek cozy comfort in a home. To spell this out for potential buyers, turn on the fireplace for great ambiance, and heat the home to a comfortable temperature for showings. Use blankets — but careful not to overdo it as keeping around extra blankets will be a fine balance with clutter. Hint: Chunky knit blankets are on trend!

2. Turn on the Lights

With shorter days in our horizon, it will be more important to ensure each room is adequately lit, especially for evening showings. Consider adding floor or table lamps to dimly lit rooms. Before listing photos, check all light fixtures to ensure all bulbs work. For fixtures with multiple lights, ensure all bulbs are the same colour/wattage and avoid compact fluorescent bulbs, in general, as they don’t tend to show well. Try using warm (i.e. 2700K or 3000K) LED or halogen bulbs throughout the home for a warm inviting glow.

3. Seasonal Decor

With Thanksgiving (and Halloween) around the corner, avoid displaying overly seasonal items. Overt seasonal decor will date your listing! Some subtle touches for a home’s exterior can include Fall foliage or flowers (grasses, mums), or a nice basket or bowl of fresh apples on a kitchen counter!

Thank you to Julie Metaxas for sharing her tips for Fall Staging!

Julie Metaxas B.A., Real Estate Staging Professional (RESP) | Owner

KW Home Staging & Redesign

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