About The Lambert Group

In a community with hundreds of real estate agents, it could be tough to find one you can believe in and can trust. This is what separates our team from the crowd, creating life long relationships and satisfied loyal clients. Striving to make the experience a smooth process for both Buyers & Sellers with true effort, dedication and honesty!

Here is a sneak preview of who we are:


Here is a sneak preview of the highlights of our involvement:


We host an event at the Baden Corn Fest community event each year!

We also write Real Estate articles in the Baden Outlook for the community that is loaded with current real estate information. Look for articles in the Baden Outlook and on our website!

Every Canada Day, we are well known for getting up before sunrise and setting out Canada Flags for each home in neighbourhoods throughout Baden, New Hamburg, Wellesley & Waterloo Region, with the help of our friends & family.

Every Christmas, we ask for people to share their input on what charities mean the most to them.  We commit to supporting a donation towards 3 Charities on our client’s behalf.

If you’d like to share input on a Charity that means most to you, keep an eye on our Facebook page!

The Lambert Group Hockey Sponsorship Program is a newly created program where we have the opportunity to give back to the community and assist in supporting kids who can’t otherwise afford to play! With the help and support of the Wilmot Family Resource Centre and our clients, friends and family, we are extremely excited to see more kids on the ice this year!

So let’s talk. Whether you’re selling or buying, we’d like to learn more about you and your needs and goals. You can count on us to “tell it like it is” and give you a realistic picture of what is possible.

Contact us to get in touch.


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